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Travels for Travellers with 4×4 Discovery Travel

The traveller sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.  4×4 Discovery Travel designs travels for travellers.

4×4 Discovery Travel organises guided 4×4 self-drive tours, in your own car, through the Spanish Pyrenees, Galicia, North and Central Portugal and Morocco. We go to places you didn’t know existed: remote, beautiful, quiet, with priceless views and wonderful driving. If you haven’t got a 4×4, you can rent a Land Rover via us.

car-and-elephantWe also offer self-drive 4×4 safaris through Namibia and/or Botswana, possibly the best countries in Africa for viewing wildlife, stunning scenery and ancient culture. Our guided safaris in small groups go deep into remote parts of the country on tracks rarely used. Alternatively, you may want to go by yourself on our individual, unguided safari in Namibia.

And we can take you to Kyrgyzstan, as yet undiscovered by tourism. Breathtaking mountain landscapes await you there. You meet nomads; sleep in yurts. Our all-inclusive self-drive tours let you experience to the full this country’s nature and traditions.

On our journeys, the car is a means, not an end. Our aim is to take you in a 4×4 to places other cars can’t reach and let you experience the country you are visiting: its people, nature and culture.

Our 30-minute presentation will take place in an intimate room. We’d like to make use of this by talking with you about what kinds of trips you’d like to make in a 4×4 car. What interests you? What gets you excited? We can then talk about how we may make that happen.4-cars-in-atlas-1

4×4 Discovery Travel is exhibiting at the Adventure Northside, 1-3 Oct, Vethem (Walsrode).

Here you will find the seminar “Travels for Travellers” being held by Mark Janssen from 4×4 Discovery Travel during the first day of the show:

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What: Seminar
Where: Seminar Room
When: Sat., 01-10-16, 17:05
Duration: 30 Minutes
Speaker: Mark Janssen
Audience (max.): 60
Costs: included in the ticket


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